Episode 1


Purpose of Podcast – a monthly-ish hourlongish conversation about poetry & poetry related stuff focusing on Canadian poetry but slipping occasionally out of genre, into other countries…

this episode is dedicated to the victims of the Orlando shooting & their loved ones


Amanda’s Small Press Fair haul, including Canthius’ latest issue. Read  Reunions in the Year of the Sheep by Chuqio Yang. p. 31.

Toronto events,

  2. The Town Crier –
  3. a) Margaret Christakos, “Her Paraphernalia: On Motherlines, Sex/Blood/Loss & Selfies” (Book Thug, 2016)

http://towncrier.puritan-magazine.com/interview/her-paraphernalia/ [could lead to a discussion about essays written by poets]

  1. b) Micro Literature reviews – an ongoing series to review chapbooks. Jason Freure writes “Microliteratures don’t hold out the promise of awards, advances, teaching positions, or even the luxury of a review. What they do offer is an enthusiastic audience. They can be small, centred around a reading series or a micro press, or they can be numerous, and international, revolving around digital magazines or discussion forums.”

so far there have been two pieces: a review of Zane Koss’s Warehouse Zone, a kind of combo conceptual lyric poem printed by Publication Studios in Guelph & an article on Fenylalanine Publishing, a digital micropress out of Guelph

“explores asemic writing / visual poetics / livres d’artiste / calligraphic design / ciphers / palimpsests / subtitling and outsider art by presenting original virtual and tangible albums, posts, catalogues, chap books, pamphlets, postcards, broadsheets, etc. Containing original visual work, fiction, reviews of books and audio visual exhibitions, along with articles in some way connected to Guelph, Ontario, Canada.”

  1. The Hardest Thing About Being A Writer, a new online interview series by Sachiko Murikami

to highlight some of the difficulties faced by writers. she talks weekly to writers;

What’s the hardest thing about being a writer? [our answers]


  1. Teva Harrison interviews Damian Rogers on Open Book Toronto & Damian shares a playlist called the Smoky Garden Playlist & it is fantastic [could lead to a discussion of how poetry & music, playlists etc]


  1. Online USA & International magazines, such as 3am, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Asymptope (a translation mag)DrunkenBoat allows space for queer latinx writers  to share words on Orlando in Pulse, a response
  1. Puritan/Rusty Toque
  2. Poetry Awards: Liz Howard – the Griffin Awards for Infinite Citizen of the Shrinking Tent; Ben Ladouceur’s Otter wins League of Canadian Poets Gerald Lampert Memorial Award; Trillium Book Award – Soraya Peerbaye – Tell: Poems for Girlhood. (Reena Virik)

Political vs expressive poetry (or poetry about the internal? [word left out by you here, thought it might be internal] vs about the external world/issues)

Poetry of place and how it relates to travelling

Anne Carson/Lisa Robertson – accessibility/ should we avoid abstraction?

Maya Angelou was raped at 7. she didn’t have language to describe rape & shame, she didn’t have the vocabulary. a woman named Mrs. Flowers gave her poetry and novels to read, in an alternative language that translates the sublime feelings of beauty & love, the depth and gravity of injustice & tragedy. Heather O’Neill’s Walrus talk in April on the terrible childhoods of great writers.


also think of that Emily Dickinson poem, after great pain a formal feeling comes.

  1. Plans for future

interviews, reviews, ideas?

what should we name the podcast? ideas: amanda@angelhousepress.com