Episode 35 – Ottawa Small Press Book Fair and more

The Small Machine Talks

Episode 35 – with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl

Recorded on Sunday, July 15, 2018

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We discuss events over the last six weeks, beginning with the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair, Spring Edition.

Links and mentions include

above/ground press http://abovegroundpress.blogspot.com/

Chaudiere Books http://www.chaudierebooks.com/

shreeking violet press https://marilynirwin.wordpress.com/shreeking-violet/


40-watt spotlight http://www.40wattspotlight.com/

Gap Riot Press (Toronto) https://gapriotpress.com/

Baseline Press (London) https://www.baselinepress.ca/

Apt. 9 Press https://apt9press.wordpress.com/

bird, buried press (Peterborough) https://birdburiedpress.wordpress.com/

Canthius http://www.canthius.com/

Coven Editions https://coveneditions.wordpress.com/

Arc Poetry Magazine http://arcpoetry.ca/

Puddles of Sky Press (Kingston) http://puddlesofskypress.com/index.html

Stuff Amanda picked up at the fair

Kate Siklosi,  Coup (The Blasted Tree) http://www.theblastedtree.com/store/coup

flash haiku contest – Amanda’s win http://www.theblastedtree.com/store/flashhaiku3

We talk about visual poetry.

Chuqiao Yang, Reunions in the Year of the Sheep (Baseline Press)

Margaret Christakos, Social Medea v—s Virtual Medusa (Gap Riot Press)

illiterature 8 (Puddles of Sky Press)

Train : a journal of introduction https://trainpoetryjournal.blogspot.com/

Conyer Clayton, Undergrowth (bird, buried press)

The post fair at the James Street Pub #MichaeleCasteels #jwcurry

Artist Tom Fowler http://tomfowlerstuff.tumblr.com/

Artist Colin White (who was not at the fair) http://www.colinwhite.ca/

Additional Events – Tomson Highway at Library and Archives

Conyer Clayton and Nathanael Larochette,

Shery Alexander Heinis at Tree https://www.sheryalexanderheinis.com/

Sawdust: Margo Lapierre, Manahil Bandukwala; Allie Duff poems on the life of Lucia Joyce; Monty Reid

The Next Wave launch at Pour Boy http://palimpsestpress.ca/books/next-wave-anthology-21st-century-canadian-poetry/

Final Tree of the season w/ rob mclennan and Tanis MacDonald, who read from her books and also from Gush: Menstrual Manifestations for Our Times


the Wild Herb walk with the Ottawa Tea Guild



Avant Garde reading with Stuart Ross, Jaimie Forsyth and Steve Venright – A Feed Dog Book imprint http://www.anvilpress.com/submit/

Aaron’s literary events

Hybrid Heaven launch


Delet This, MLA Chernoff

Let This Be The End Of Me, JC Bouchard

with guests, Lauren Turner, We’re Not Going To Do Better Next Time (Knife Fork Book, 2018), Catherine Fatima, Sludge Utopia (Book Thug, 2018)

Jordan Moffatt.

Mallory Tater and Curtis LeBlanc at Beyond the Pale



Rahila’s Ghost Press https://rahilasghostpress.com/

Aaron talks about non literary events, including the Montreal Jazz Fest and Ottawa’s Glow Fair, Fringe Festival, Dragon Boat, CSArts Talk back where audience asks playwright, actors and director questions


Recent Reads 51.14

Aaron has been reading Erin Robinson’s Rag Cosmology (Book Thug)


101.38 Ghost City Press Microchapbook Series


1.04. 55 Upcoming events – check the Bywords.ca calendar