Episode 41 – Visual Poetry Part 1

The Small Machine Talks with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl

Episode 41 – Visual Poetry – Part 1

Recorded on Sunday, March 3, 2019

In this episode we discuss visual poetry, its history, defining the genre, the question of meaning, reading, asemic writing, communication, universality, the role of visual poetry in politics and counterculture.

Here are some of the sources we quote from and refer to:

Karl Kempton’s “Visual Poetry: A Brief History of Ancestral Roots and Modern Traditions” http://glia.ca/conu/digitalPoetics/prehistoric-blog/wp-content/uploads/karl-kempton-visual-poetry-a-brief-introduction.pdf

Andrei Codrescu Against Meaning – interview with Lidia Vianu published in Desperado Essay Interviews


Cold Front Magazine’s Singular Vispo feature

Michael Winkler http://coldfrontmag.com/singular-vispo-first-encounters-part-9/

K.S. Ernst http://coldfrontmag.com/singular-vispo-first-encounters-part-2/

Amanda Earl http://coldfrontmag.com/singular-vispo-first-encounters-part-5/

Connie Tettenborn http://coldfrontmag.com/singular-vispo-first-encounters-part-6/

The CanLit Guide to Visual Poetry and Experimentation

http://canlitguides.ca/canlit-guides-editorial-team/poetic-visuality-and-experimentation/visual art/conceptual art

What Kind of Sic Sense Is That – Gary Barwin interview with Amanda Earl in Jacket 2


Brick Books Celebration of Visual and Concrete Poetry



Stay tuned for Episode 42 – Visual Poetry Part 2 in which we discuss Amanda’s visual poetry practice, including her life’s work, the Vispo Bible.

Thanks to Charles Earl for processing, Jennifer Pederson for intro and outro, to listeners and all who share the podcast with fellow poetry enthusiasts.