Episode 5


Sunday, December 4, 2016


We announce that we’re separating the podcast into events, news, etc in one episode, and an interview in the next episode, to shorten the length of each episode. We talk about the baker’s dozen of poetry events we each/both attended in Ottawa and Montreal in November, door prizes, brandy alexanders, Centretown West by Northwest, Montreal’s Plateau/Mile End area, afternoon vs evening readings, art parties, In/Words flash mob performance of Howl, changing people’s perceptions of what poetry readings can be.

Amanda muses about the male-centric representation of Beat writing, women as appendages or angels. Aaron talks of the secret karaoke lives of poets at the end of the world aka the Arc 81 launch. Amanda waxes poetic about red needles, Leonard Cohen’s cocktail and the wonders of tequila, the Sawdust workshop by Gary Barwin. We finally meet Adèle Barclay in person at the Tree Reading Series. Alice in Wonderland comes up, as she often does. Aaron points out the meaning of disco biscuits. Amanda talks of a surprise sound poetry performance that took place at the ottawa small press book fair. Aaron discusses the energetic performance of Dalton Derkson at the In/Words reading. Amanda talks about the warmth of the In/Words open mic. Aaron talks about the importance of inviting emerging writers from out of town to read. Aaron mentions the old tennis court at Rideau Hall, the club-liked renovated Laurier House venue for the Ottawa Arts Review, the discomfort of knowing everyone in a small room, Chris Johnson’s collaborative audience poem. Amanda talks of developing a taste for sound poetry, including Messaggio Galore, Jaap Blonk.


Amanda moons over The Dada World Fair in San Francisco. This leads to a discussion of glitch poetry, glitch hop and ‘pataphysics.

Aaron describes numerous events he wished he had attended in Toronto and Montreal. He talks about the cover poems read at the Gentle Resonance Reading in Montreal and  the Infinity of Intimate Space Art Opening after Bachelard’s “Poetics of Space.” in Toronto. Anne Carson’s “Float” comes up, as it should. Aaron and Amanda both moon over Type Books. Amanda mentions fish and chips. Aaron describes the Long Winter, an art, performance, interactive event in Toronto.


Leonard Cohen dies at 82 on November 10, 2016

Nelson Ball wins bpNichol chapbook award

Phillip Crymble wins the Puritan’s Thomas Merton Memorial Prize for Poetry

(judge was Jan Zwicky)

In Peterborough, fiction writer Michelle Berry has opened a book store, Hunter Street Books. Amanda mentions other writers who run bookstores.

New online chapbook review blog by Toronto writer Cary Fagan.

Carousel Magazine’s latest issue#37 contains Eric Schmaltz’s  fascinating interview with filmmaker Justin Stephenson about “The Complete Works,” his film about bpNichol

INTERNET (46:50)

We chat about the poems in the latest Puritan, wrestling, found poems, personal poems, and Phoebe Wang’s interview with Jann Conn, and the question of accessibility in poetry. I butcher the David McGimpsey quote, “Nobody said there should be a people’s trigonometry.”


We list spoken word events and poetry readings that will take place the rest of this month, and include a few arts and theatre events as well.

We congratulate Canthius and the Minnola Review for achieving their funding targets.


We discuss calls for submissions and contests. Aaron talks about In/Words upcoming online dating issue and its swipe left/swipe right design.

Next episodes will be interviews with Dalton Derkson (before the end of the month) and Claire Farley in the new year.

Thanks to our listeners, our sound engineer, Charles Earl and stinger creator, Jennifer Pederson.

We wish everyone happy holidays.