Episode 70: The Small Machine Talks with Sacha Archer

Recorded on Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sacha Archer lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife and two daughters. He is the editor of Simulacrum Press. Archer’s latest chapbooks are Lines of Sight (nOIR:Z, 2020) and Houses (no press, 2020). Forthcoming chapbooks include Models (Simulacrum Press) and Framing Poems (Timglaset). His concrete poetry has been exhibited in the USA, Italy, and Canada. Find him on Facebook and Instagram @sachaarcher.

We have an impromptu conversation about Sacha’s background, his work, and his publishing activities with Simulacrum. I pull random publications of his and Simulacrum’s from a box and we discuss them.

Simulacrum Press https://simulacrumpress.ca/

Mother’s Milk (Timglaset Editions, 2020)

an excerpt from Sacha’s work, “Dictator” in Experiment-O Issue 9 in 2016: http://experiment-o.com/issues/issuenine.pdf

The Intimate Relationships of Strangers, one of Sacha’s video pieces

Inspiritus Press, 2018

Contemporary Meat, the Blasted Tree, 2018

waterlight by Andrew Brenza, Simulacrum Press, 2018

the Penman by Dawn Nelson Wardrope, Simulacrum Press, 2018

Acceleration of the Aribitrary, Grey Borders Book, 2017

Meet the Presses Indie Lit Symposium, November 26 to 29, 2020. Sacha and I will be there!

Thanks Sacha Archer for being on the show, to Charles for processing, to Jennifer Pederson for the theme song, and to all of you for listening and sharing the episode. Stay tuned for the next episodes with Pearl Pirie this month, Frances Boyle, and a special episode on the poetic elements of music in December featuring amazing musician Subhraj Singh, and to kick off the new year, Connor McDonnell and Jennifer K. Dick in January, Rasiqra Revulva and Dominik Parisien in February.