Episode 87: Gap Riot Press

The Small Machine Talks Episode 87: Gap Riot Press

recorded on Thursday, February 24, 2022,


Season 7 Launch Party Podcast Interviews

Dani Spinosa

Leavings by Kate Siklosi (Timglaset Editions)

We talk about the origins of the press, Dani and Kate’s friendship, the joys of making chapbooks, friendships, gaps in teeth, collaborating with authors, anarchy and community, having fun while fucking shit up & more on this delightful episode.

Product Photo Inc

Thanks to Zoom, we were cut off & had to jump to a second Zoom meeting. Think Battlestar Galactica‘s jump.
We talk about being on the verge of a world war & the shit that has happened in the last few years – why we keep making poetry. We discuss the importance of paying authors to give mutual support and respect for people’s work. This is built into the Gap Riot Press model.

Blood Brothers Brewing

The AngelHousePress Caring Imagination Crowd Funding Campaign

I ask about advice to other small press’s starting out.

Gap Riot Press: How to Start A Small Press, Hook and Eye, 2017

This Book Is An Action, Notes on Creating A Feminist Small Press, Hook and Eye, 2017

We talk about the design of some of the chapbooks, such as Alexei Perry Cox’s Revolution / Re: Evolution you made a hand-bound and silkscreened flip book in gold thread and ink. There are reminiscences about silk screening together and how fun that is. Kate mentions a gorgeous design in process for Brian Dedora’s forthcoming chapbook. I mention the beauty of professionally made chapbooks, talking about Punctum by Dona Mayoora and Gary Barwin, the red end papers of Canisia Lubrin’s chapbook Augur. Kate talks about how the small press allows for experimentation.

We speak about design and printing and the community involved, including David Bernstein of Product Photo Inc and Stace Schmidt-MacLean, the graphic designer.

We discuss the interactive small press map of Canada for the Toronto International Festival of Authors. Kate talks about community and the element of surprise and curiosity about the small press.

Kate and Dani mention above/ground press and rob mclennan’s role in connecting and promoting people.

Dani gives us a scoop for what they’re going to be publishing for the 8th season. You have to listen to find out.

Thanks to Kate Siklosi and Dani Spinosa of Gap Riot Press for being on the show. Thanks to Charles Earl for processing and Jennifer Pederson for the intro and outro. And thanks to all of you for listening and sharing the podcast.

Stay tuned for our next episode, my conversation with Joakim Norling of Timglaset Editions of Sweden in March, The Blasted Tree, Broken Sleep Books from the UK, Knife Fork Book, Hesterglock Press from the UK, above/ground press, Beir Bua from Ireland, and Ethel Zine from the USA. In 2022 we are focusing on small presses and reading series. I still have spots for a few more reading series and presses, so if you’d like to come on the show toward the end of the year, please e-mail me at amanda at angelhousepress dot com.