Speaker: Dennis Cooley

Episode 109: Dennis Cooley

The Small Machine Talks Episode 109: Dennis Cooley recorded on September 28, 2023 1pm CST; 2pm EST body works, University of Calgary Press, 2023: https://press.ucalgary.ca/books/9781773854496/ Dennis was on the show in November 2020: The Small Machine Talks, Episode 69, November 2020 a great resource was the conversation Dennis had with the host of Historia Canadiana:…

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The Small Machine Talks to Dennis Cooley, Episode 69

The Small Machine Talks to Dennis Cooley Recorded on November 12, 2020 Dennis Cooley was raised near Estevan, Saskatchewan. Retired English professor from the University of Manitoba, he resides in Winnipeg. He is a founding editor of Turnstone Press. He has three new books out this year: The Bestiary and Cold-Press Moon from Turnstone Press…

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