Episode 31

the Small Machine Talks Episode 31

with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl

Recorded on April 8, 2018

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Recent Events

We speak of literary and other events that we’ve attended in the past few months. Aaron has moved to a new location. We speak about bicycles and poetry. Amanda offers a teaser about an upcoming event.

Amanda attended a few Black History Month events. We talk about Motown music and the Big Chill. We also learn that Aaron loves jazz fusion and has a jazz drum set. Amanda confesses that her musical taste depends a lot on the lovers she gets involved with who introduce her to it.

We talked events at Sawdust and Tree. Amanda went to an event celebrating International Women’s Day. Lots of different artistic media from spoken word to storytelling to hip hop and dance.

We speak about the Octopus Books event with Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Indigenous activism and intellectualism. We end up chatting about the blur of boundaries, including Michael Ondaatje’s Coming Through Slaughter.


We talk about VERSeFest and share some of our highlights.

Factory Reading Series talks appear after the talks at http://www.ottawater.com/seventeenseconds/

Arc Walks #1 with rob mclennan


Indigenous Walks Ottawa


Janes Walk Ottawa


We discuss walking tour ideas.

We talk about Rasiqra Revulva’s wonderful performance.


We discuss erasure and found poems, including the work of Kenny Goldsmith and Vanessa Place.

We discuss the readings of Christine McNair and Major Jackson

Major Jackson Ok Cupid https://vimeo.com/125069964

  1. Recent Reads (29.02)

Emily Izsak – Whistle Stops, A Locomotive Serial Poem, Signature Editions, 2017

https://emilyizsak.com/ Aaron gives a few examples of technique and style from her work.

Aaron talks about tennis and difference between new and mid-career players styles.

Kaveh Akbar – Calling A Wolf A Wolf (Alice James Books)

Amanda reads Soot.


Aaron talks about JC Bouchard – Let This Be The End of Me, poems and photographs (Hybrid Heaven, 2018)


Amanda talks about Arc Poetry Magazine– Winter 2018, highlights are essays, poems and reviews.


  1. Upcoming Events

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  1. Contests and submissions

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  1. Thanks and sign off

Jennifer Pederson for intro and outro, Charles Earl for processing, audience and those who share the link. Stay tuned for more episodes in May and so forth…