Michael Ondaatje

Episode 112: Poetic Elements of Fiction with Frances Boyle

Recorded on Thursday, December 28, 2023 https://www.francesboyle.com/https://amandaearl.substack.com/ Ottawa poet and fiction writer, Frances Boyle and I discuss the poetry of favourite novels and read excerpts from the novels. This is the fourth instalment of a thread that began in 2020 in which I invite a guest to discuss the poetic elements of a genre or…

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The Small Machine Talks Episode 57 Trees, Rain, Bicycles, Gardens, Wandering, Spring!

I open the episode with a reading of an excerpt from Samuel Beckett, Watt (Olympia Press, 1953). Good morning and welcome to the Small Machine Talks Episdoe 57. I’m alone again, recording the episode solo due to Covid-19’s physical distancing requirement. At this time, I find myself seeking out some of my favourite poems about…

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Episode 31

the Small Machine Talks Episode 31
with a.m. koz…

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